Sophomore Unit 12 Crossword
Down: 1) suppress, control2)  A trite, common or flat remark, said as if profound3) NOT exposed5)  A large, destructive and usually extensive fire6)  Part of or happening in the night8)  inactive, dormant11) actual, concrete14)  Not able to be removed or erased15)  delighted, euphoric Across: 3) unsympathetic, unfeeling4)  understood, unspoken7)  Regret or remorse due to a wrongdoing9)  Inspiring awe or admiration; Majestic10)  meditate, reflect11) NOT sweet12)  Sharp or harsh to the taste or smell; Extremely stinging or bitter in manner13)  Characterized by the giving in to the wishes of someone14) immaterial, inappropriate16)  A settled, long-standing habit; Firmly established17)  To renounce or reject; To avoid or shun


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