Sophomore Unit 15 Crossword
Down: 2)  dominate, subdue3) agree, assent4)  fervent, ardent5)  False or groundless injury or slander done to another's good reputation or name6)  Having the capacity, quality, or ability of receiving, as in truths or ideas7)  Inclined to keep silent, reserved9)  Overly pleased or satisfied with oneself without being aware of dangers or defects11) rough, coarse12) reject, surrender17)  Humiliation or embarrassment caused by irritation or frustration; To humiliate, to cause to feel shame, to hurt the pride of18) articulate, verbose Across: 1)  scuffle, brawl7)  Harsh or grating in sound; Rowdy and disorderly8)  To explain or make clear and plain10)  get used to, adapt13)  Odd, distorted or unnatural in shape, appearance or character14)  dozy, sleepy15)  congenial, flavorful16)  A fiendish, wild or riotous uproar18) fervent, passionate


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