Sophomore Unit 15 Crossword
Down: 1)  To agree or be of the same opinion3)  Characterized by a ready and continuous flow of speech4) rough, wild5) adapt, adjust7)  Any material or substance used for grinding or polishing; Harsh and rough in manner8) NOT normal10)  A fiendish, wild or riotous uproar11)  Inclined to keep silent, reserved12)  relinquish, give up15)  To explain or make clear and plain17)  A noisy, disorderly fight or disturbance Across: 2)  congenial, pleasant6)  Humiliation or embarrassment caused by irritation or frustration; To humiliate, to cause to feel shame, to hurt the pride of9)  Filled with or motivated by devotion and eagerness to a cause; Fervent13)  To keep under restraint or control by force, such as feelings, thoughts, actions14)  slur, insult16)  Extreme intensity of emotions or convictions18)  Drowsy; Tending to cause sleepiness19) open, alert20)  content, smug


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