Sophomore Unit 3 Crossword
Down: 1)  finish, downfall2)  To fill with high or cheerful spirits4) opponent, rival6) stormy, severe8)  To trouble with importunities, cares, or annoyances9)  To force10)  Of or pertaining to cooking or the kitchen11)  Trickery13)  An instance that may serve as a guide or basis for a rule17)  Polite, refined, and often elegant in manner Across: 3) uncultivated, empty5) think, deliberate7)  minor, insignificant10)  A coward; Characterized by shameless fear, cowardly12)  A temporary stay, a brief period of residence; To stay for a time in place, to live temporarily14)  To remove by striking out or canceling15)  to set right16)  To preserve from extinction or oblivion18) NOT be friendly19) disciplinary, castigatory


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