Sophomore Unit 6 Crossword
Down: 1)  flexible, lithe2)  top, peak4)  Meddlesome5)  widespread, unchecked6)  To agree or assent to7)  flourish, flaunt8)  Unfavorable, menacing, threatening10) destroy, efface13)  Deliberately planned, considered beforehand16)  Definite, clearly stated Across: 3)  relief, consolation9)  To consist of11)  Capable of being bribed, open to corruption12)  ill-timed, bad14)  Poverty-stricken, lacking15)  To put an end to forcibly17)  Clever and skillful18)  Stale or moldy in odor or taste19)  Seemingly contrary to what was expected or intended20)  Dignified and impressive; Majestic; Lofty


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