Sophomore Unit 6 Crossword
Down: 1)  Easily bent2)  top, apex4)  Meddlesome5)  Growing, climbing, or running without check or restraint6)  To agree or assent to7)  flaunt, wield8)  Unfavorable, menacing, threatening10) destroy, efface13)  Deliberately planned, considered beforehand16)  definite, precise Across: 3) comfort, relief9)  To consist of11)  Capable of being bribed, open to corruption12)  Unsuitable or inconvenient, especially regarding time14) poor, needy15)  muffle, stifle17)  clever, skillful18)  Stale or moldy in odor or taste19)  paradoxical, sardonic20)  Dignified and impressive; Majestic; Lofty


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