Sophomore Unit 7 Crossword
Down: 1)  One who demands absolute adherence to forms and rules2) NOT cramped3)  A condition of great disorder or confusion4) surrender, yield6)  modify, alter8) distinguish, recognize10)  tumultuous, unstable11)  enthusiastic, noisy13)  to place in a grave or tomb; bury.15)  hate, loathe18)  A blow with the hand or fist; To hit or beat, especially repeatedly Across: 2)  That which causes gradual decay by crumbling or surface disintegration5)  To be related to; To involve in7)  Someone who deserts a cause or principle, an outlaw, a rebel; Having deserted a cause or principle9)  To prevent by interception12)  abominable, filthy14)  Still existing16)  ample, roomy17)  Deserving blame or punishment19)  Gloomy, depressing and melancholy


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