Junior Unit 10 Crossword
Down: 2)  diversified, heterogeneous3)  To delay or put off until later4) NOT miserly6) immoral, corrupt8)  Hidden or kept secret on purpose; Covered; A hiding place9)  Happening by chance or by accident; Lucky10)  torpid, motionless12)  Dealing with abstract or hard to understand information15)  pernicious, adverse17)  Abusive language or a strong insult Mean, insulting or abusive19) increase, accumulate20)  despotic, bossy Across: 1)  A scene of confusion and noisy disturbance5)  voluntary, costless7)  Effective or able to produce a desired effect11)  suave, dashing13)  seductive, arousing14) NOT offer, give, donate16) note, explanation18)  Calmness or composure especially under pressure19) NOT young21) NOT triviality


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