Junior Unit 10 Crossword
Down: 2)  Composed of a great variety of elements3) delay, defer4)  Very giving or extremely generous6)  Something or someone given to sin or wickedness; Morally unprincipled, wicked, or sinful8)  concealed, disguised9)  providential, chance10)  A lot of sitting or resting with very little exercise12)  difficult, cryptic15)  adverse, antagonistic17)  Abusive language or a strong insult Mean, insulting or abusive19)  To increase or accumulate over time or natural growth20)  Overbearing or demanding or seeking to dominate Across: 1)  A scene of confusion and noisy disturbance5)  Free or done without charge7)  Effective or able to produce a desired effect11)  suave, dashing13)  seductive, stimulating14)  To demand payment repeatedly; A person who demands payment; Dark or grayish brown in color16)  A note or comment of critique or explanation usually added to a text18)  level-headedness, composure19)  Very old-fashioned or antiquated or out-of-date21)  The main idea or essence


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