Junior Unit 15 Crossword
Down: 1)  A burden; an obligation2)  maudlin, emotional3) NOT optimism5)  unprincipled, reprobate6)  brash, aggressive7) NOT non-tailor related12)  Not clear to the understanding; puzzling13)  crucial, necessary15)  To fill with overly rich or sweet things16)  The way in which a person behaves20)  determined, intransigent Across: 4)  security, redoubt8)  An uproar; a hubbub9)  abridge, reduce10)  Done or said on the impulse of the moment without previous preparation; Without preparation11)  Patient endurance or toleration of offenses14) absolute, final17)  Easily provoked to anger18)  pay, mail19)  propitiate, quell21) NOT disrespect22) NOT assist


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