Junior Unit 3 Crossword
Down: 1)  arouse, stir up3)  Accidental, resulting from chance5)  accelerate, rush7)  To detest or hate intensely9) NOT firm10)  Taking a roundabout, lengthy course13) NOT disinherit16) spiteful, hurtful Across: 2)  Coolness and composure, especially in trying circumstances4)  To persuade by flattery or guile; cajole6)  filch, steal8)  To make amends for11)  In name only; Insignificantly small, minor12)  involuntary, accidental13) NOT barbarism14)  Having little substance; flimsy15) NOT evade17) inclination, tendency18)  traitorous, subversive19)  To instruct with authority; To forbid or prohibit


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