Junior Unit 9 Crossword
Down: 1)  rookie, neophyte2)  To reduce in amount or to make less3)  A person or thing that is the object of strong dislike4)  To be deliberately vague or use unclear expressions5)  To restore or revive from death or unconciousness7)  turgid, ostentatious9)  remiss, procrastinating10) NOT blameless11)  Extreme poverty; Insufficiency or scarcity17)  infamous, deplorable19) brief, laconic20)  A moderate or small amount Across: 2) NOT beneficence6)  Having discernment or cleverness8)  stagnant, idle12)  ambiguous, unclear13)  Unsure of how to make a decision or unable to proceed14)  Untidy or unclean or careless in dress or appearance15)  Excessive flattery or praise16) vanishing, transient18)  To repeat again or to sum up the main points21)  The act of assuming or supposing without proof


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