Junior Unit 9 Crossword
Down: 1) NOT pro2)  To reduce in amount or to make less3)  A person or thing that is the object of strong dislike4)  sidestep, dodge5)  revitalize, revive7)  ostentatious, snobbish9) procrastinating, dallying10)  blameworthy, reprehensible11)  poorness, poverty17)  heinous, very bad19)  Clearly or briefly expressed in few words20) bit, shred Across: 2)  Extreme desire for wealth or getting and keeping riches6)  keen, perceptive8) lazy, stagnant12)  vague, unclear13)  tentative, fickle14)  untidy, disorderly15)  Excessive flattery or praise16)  fleeting, vanishing18)  To repeat again or to sum up the main points21) NOT knowledge


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