Senior Unit 12 Crossword
Down: 1)  To repay or return either good or evil, as to a person2)  No longer in use or no longer operating4)  Not repentant, not reformed in heart or spirit6)  Existing everywhere at the same time7)  Not able to be repaired or remedied8)  Using few words, concise10) NOT upbeat11)  ideal, unblemished13)  hypothesize, conclude14) NOT calm15)  Seeking and enjoying the company of others; Social and outgoing18)  Concerning beauty or the appreciation of beauty; A set of principles behind the work of a particular artist or movement21)  Unlucky; unfortunate Across: 3)  To support or adopt as one's own5) NOT different9)  inattentive, automatic12)  To confuse or perplex; also, to frustrate or defeat16)  pediment, bottom17) NOT omit19)  Given to deception and lying20)  dwindle, wilt22)  preoccupation, obsession


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