Senior Unit 13 Crossword
Down: 1)  unpleasant, scary2) captivate, fascinate3) disgrace, shame4)  A crafty scheme or plot to bring about a sinister or evil end5)  Extremely easy or oversimplified7)  instigate, arouse9)  knowledgeable, sentient10)  Appropriate manners, characteristics or behavior for a situation13)  Light or airy or heavenly14)  To think appropriate or worthy of one's dignity15)  To take or seize for one's self in order to exclude others16)  The power to produce the desired effect or result18)  Difficult to understand Across: 6) absurd, illogical8) NOT wet11)  Feeling or showing guilt or regret for sins or wrongs12)  A false or made-up story or rumor15) believed, suppositious17)  mask, pretense19)  Always ready to find fault or criticize20) NOT flatter21)  luminary, superstar


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