Senior Unit 13 Crossword
Down: 1)  Showing fascination with death and decay or morbid2)  To hypnotize or fascinate or spellbind3) disgrace, disrepute4) NOT loyalty5)  uncomplicated, elementary7) NOT demolish9)  Taking notice or being aware10)  Appropriate manners, characteristics or behavior for a situation13)  airy, gossamer14)  condescend, stoop15)  To take or seize for one's self in order to exclude others16)  effectiveness, power18) NOT lucid Across: 6) NOT proper8)  dehydrate, wither11)  Feeling or showing guilt or regret for sins or wrongs12)  fabrication, mendacity15)  Commonly regarded as such or accepted as true17)  pretense, mask19) critical, nitpicky20)  abuse, vex21)  The center of attraction or interest


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