Senior Unit 15 Crossword
Down: 1)  praise, acclaim2)  The quality of being upright or correct in principles and conduct3)  Disagreement or a difference of opinion; discontent4)  A wooden instrument to hold prisoners on public display as to be exposed to ridicule and scorn; To expose to public ridicule or abuse6)  An exchange of mutual and bitter accusations10)  An attitude or gesture of respect or submission11)  A trait, action, or expression characterized by fakeness12)  To declare or make known formally14)  A feature that attracts or increases value16)  puncture, breach17) live, exist Across: 5)  wickedness, sin7)  inadequacy, scrap8)  Lacking foresight or failing to plan ahead9) NOT vulnerable12)  An indication of warning of a future occurrence, an omen; To foreshadow or foretell a future event13) impatient, agitated15)  Capable of changing often or fickle18)  luxurious, gluttonous19)  kind, ethereal20)  budding, incipient21) NOT parent


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