Senior Unit 2 Crossword
Down: 1) NOT worn out3)  Not straightforward; shifty4)  To speak to boldly or aggressively5)  To move in waves8) charm, amulet9) petitioner, suitor11)  Excessively dramatic or emotional12)  Expressing disapproval13)  Accordance with recognized usage, custom, or principles18)  Open and observable; not hidden21)  Swiftness of action or motion; speed Across: 2)  fervent, enthusiastic6)  An agreement entered into by two or more persons or parties7) maneuver, play10)  Without delay, briefly14) irreverence, impiety15)  To put forward for consideration; set forth16)  A violent or turbulent situation17) distasteful, repugnant19) criticism, obloquy20)  A chemical or person who starts a fire, literally or figuratively; Tending to start a fire or stir up rebellion22)  Lack of judgment or long-range perspective in thinking or planning


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