Senior Unit 6 Crossword
Down: 1) spoof, lampoon2)  Having a high or respected reputation3)  Clearness in understanding or observation4)  A temporary discontinuance5) NOT unobtrusive6) NOT compliment10)  melody, form12)  backwoods, pastoral15) accusation, presentiment16)  Sunk to a low condition18)  insipid, stupid20)  Of no practical importance; irrelevant Across: 7)  Close observation of a person or group8)  Complete or absolute9)  Someone or something that is deserted or neglected; Left neglected or abandoned by an owner or keeper11)  implication, conspiracy13)  freethinker, unbeliever14)  representation, idol15)  Too apparent to be doubted; unquestionable17)  peevish, irritable19)  Fairness or impartiality21) amateur, apprentice


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