Senior Unit 7 Crossword
Down: 1)  To throw off something as unwanted or unnecessry2) insignificant, exiguous3) reduce, assuage6) poor, broke7)  A clique or close group of people who associate exclusively9) stubborn, obstinate10)  garments, attire11)  Shameless boldness or audacity12)  To add details in order to beautify or improve15)  lucky, fortunate16) opening, beginning17)  Deceptive or misleading or not real Across: 4)  brutal, savage5)  Showy or overdecorated in a tasteless way8) match, twin13)  The ghost or spirit of a dead person14) disagree, protest18)  Exceeding normal limits or excessive19)  passing, momentary20)  A person who hates or mistrusts humans21)  Obtained by stealth; Sly or shifty22) NOT shy


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