Senior Unit 8 Crossword
Down: 1) downright, obvious2) deathlike, lurid3)  To win or overcome the distrust of another5)  To increase the bitterness or pain of something6) drench, overfill8)  real, substantial10)  tale, recitation12) banter, persiflage13)  Foolish or stupid or unintelligent14)  abjure, retract20) mixture, potpourri Across: 4)  To foreshadow or warn in advance6)  irritable, ill-tempered7)  deficiency, lack9)  A level of authority or command in an organization like the military11)  To shed or cast off15)  Without spirit or interest or effort16)  declare, asseverate17)  Cannot be disproved or argued against18)  To tear down to the ground or completely destroy19)  To cancel or reverse a previous command21)  A massive, overpowering destructive force that crushes everything in its way


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