Senior Unit 8 Crossword
Down: 2)  cancel, rescind3)  puerile, stupid4)  real, genuine7)  To assert as true without proof or positivenes8) NOT disorganization9)  supplication, refrain10)  unconcerned, careless11)  prophesize, predict17)  combination, potpourri18)  satiate, drench21)  Glaringly obvious, outright, blatant; Across: 1)  shortage, lack5)  To shed or cast off6)  demolition device, destroyer12)  irritable, ill-tempered13)  Cannot be disproved or argued against14)  To withdraw one's belief or statement formally15)  Gruesome or horribly or dealing with death16)  Light or playful banter or teasing during conversation19)  destroy, extirpate20)  mitigate, appease22)  vex, enrage


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