Senior Unit 9 Crossword
Down: 1)  sanction, fiat2)  motto, axiom3)  Never slackening or stopping5)  An admirer or dabbler in the the fine arts for amusement6)  The act of traveling from one place to another8)  To accuse falsely or to slander9) NOT significant11)  Characteristic of the country or shepherds13)  Very cautious or hesitant14)  salutation, tribute17)  Any sudden emotional outburst or spasm18)  pretension, erudition21) NOT take away Across: 4) resplendent, illuminated7)  opprobrious, mean10)  Something added or gained, an addition or increase; To increase by one12)  amateur, dilettante15)  Fragrant or having a pleasant odor16)  Incapable of getting upset or emotionally level19)  A secret agreement for a wrongful purpose20)  To waver or be indecisive21)  To treat with irreverence or contempt; Nonreligious in subject matter, form, or use


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