AP Senior Unit 1 Crossword
Down: 2)  atrocious, loathsome3)  craven, coward4) NOT guru5)  wail, cry6) reality, truth7) ignorant, incognizant8)  adumbration, sketch10)  A system in which things or people are ranked above one another19)  Language or speech that is vulgar, mocking, coarse, abusive or irreverent Across: 1)  Lying on one's back with frontside upward; Listless; Apathetic9)  An area of low, wet ground or a troublesome situation in which one is trapped or entangled11)  Good-natured teasing or ridicule,12)  leader, guide13)  biased, narrow-minded14)  Highly unrealistic or imaginary or improbable15)  An illusion that has no substance or reality, usually seen in the desert or at sea16) associate, supplement17)  Lacking energy or vigor and worn out and unable to produce18)  ritual, worship20)  semi, partly


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