AP Senior Unit 2 Crossword
Down: 2)  To give notice to, orally or written; To inform3)  A confused fight or struggle among a few; Confusion and turmoil5)  To cause division and concentration on two opposing or contrasting opinions6)  extinguish, uproot7) absorbent, spongy9)  protective, fatherly11)  obscure, cloud12)  miniature model, small world16)  blunder, mistake Across: 1)  dependent, subordinate4)  applauders, followers8)  Support; Protection; Endorsement10) NOT selfish13)  Appearing to or having the semblance of truth, reality or likelihood14)  Native, coming from that country or region15) small, tiny17)  Inclined to shed tears easily; Mournful18)  glossary, wordbook19)  extent, span20)  A reddish or ruddy complexion; Habitually cheerful, optimistic or hopeful


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