AP Senior Unit 3 Crossword
Down: 2)  A space, especially a small or narrow one, between things3)  Any scammer or pretender who sells quack medicines; A charlatan; A quack5)  expurgate, abridge6)  region, territory7)  chant, hymn8)  Having or exhibiting healing powers; Curative9)  auxiliary, subordinate13)  The act or practice of extorting or exacting by oppressive injustice; greediness15) universe, large model17)  To deceive or mislead by tricking; To cheat Across: 1)  A split or division into factions, as within religious organizations or a group4)  Complimentary or free; Without charge or payment7) excess, surfeit10)  An image or likeness, sometimes of sacred, religious figures or sometimes as symbols11)  patronize, stoop12)  raillery, banter14)  Queer; Odd; Amusing16)  practical, logical18)  A master with skill and technique in a particular art, such as music or performance; Having supreme mastery or skill19)  A strong point of a person; That which a person excels in


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