AP Senior Unit 3 Crossword
Down: 2)  A space, especially a small or narrow one, between things3)  Any scammer or pretender who sells quack medicines; A charlatan; A quack5)  abridge, censor6) territory, sector7)  song, anthem8)  Having or exhibiting healing powers; Curative9)  Of secondary importance or in addition to the primary13)  stinginess, avarice15)  entire world, universe17)  To deceive or mislead by tricking; To cheat Across: 1)  A split or division into factions, as within religious organizations or a group4) free, complimentary7)  A superabundance; An excess10)  An image or likeness, sometimes of sacred, religious figures or sometimes as symbols11)  vouchsafe, patronize12)  Frivolous or flippant bantering talk or writing14) NOT common16)  Dealing or concerned with the practicality of facts or actual occurrences; Sensible18) NOT beginner19)  specialty, gift


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