AP Senior Unit 3 Crossword
Down: 2)  gap, aperture3)  Any scammer or pretender who sells quack medicines; A charlatan; A quack5)  expurgate, shorten6)  An area, territory or region distinct from the surrounding territory because of its people, characteristics or isolation7) anthem, hymn8)  Having or exhibiting healing powers; Curative9)  secondary, auxiliary13)  The act or practice of extorting or exacting by oppressive injustice; greediness15) universe, large model17)  To deceive or mislead by tricking; To cheat Across: 1)  A split or division into factions, as within religious organizations or a group4)  complimentary, free7)  A superabundance; An excess10)  An image or likeness, sometimes of sacred, religious figures or sometimes as symbols11)  To come down or lower oneself voluntarily to be on equal terms with inferiors12)  teasing, badinage14) curious, questioning16)  Dealing or concerned with the practicality of facts or actual occurrences; Sensible18)  A master with skill and technique in a particular art, such as music or performance; Having supreme mastery or skill19)  A strong point of a person; That which a person excels in


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