Grade 6 Unit 14 Crossword
Down: 1)  keep score, total3)  To combine; To mix or blend together4)  To add to the very end; To tack onto the end5)  Pursuing only one's own ends or interests6) shrine, hideout8)  house, oblige9)  Someone who appoints hard or continuous work to others14) avoid, refrain from15)  To change greatly in form or appearance Across: 2)  reproduction, imitation7) elevate, raise10)  Loyalty to a government or cause11) unlikely, hard to swallow12) memorialize, honor13)  A sudden, violent disruption that causes disorder and chaos16)  Readily reacting to people or events; Readily reacting to suggestions and influences17)  specify, spell out18)  Tending to always follow authority; Obedient19) NOT request20)  morose, dejected


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