Grade 6 Unit 2 Crossword
Down: 1)  To meet face to face in an argumentative or hostile way2)  bewildering, baffling4)  modern, present-day8)  Without a basis in reason or fact; Not justified10) largest, utmost11)  assaulter, mugger12)  unfavorable, negative Across: 3) surge, bulge4)  restrict, pressure5)  upset, disturb6)  To contain or include; To surround7)  Embarrassed or bashful, as by having done something wrong or foolish9)  charlatan, phony10)  influence, work13)  Having no no interest in something; Being fair and impartial, not influenced by others14)  dry, parched15)  To represent in a picture; To portray or illustrate16)  Calm, peaceful, and untroubled17)  impersonate, copycat18)  Physical or moral strength to resist or withstand illness, fatigue, or hardship; Endurance


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