Grade 6 Unit 3 Crossword
Down: 2)  A mysterious person; A riddle or mystery3)  To put a limit on; To reduce one's freedom; To constrict or confine4)  To make someone extremely angry5)  comprehensive, worldwide6)  A mixture or variety of different people or things7)  To inspire or influence someone to do something; To push on to some goal10)  Someone with much wisdom that comes from age and experience; Having wisdom and calm judgment13)  To interrupt, ambush, or stop someone in order to bother or trouble them15)  To brag greatly17)  A sacred promise or pledge; To make a sacred promise or pledge Across: 1)  territory, ground8)  dove, peacemaker9)  A person who isn't tolerant toward others with different opinions11)  To dry up or shrivel; To droop or lose freshness12)  delusion, deception14)  To select or appoint, as by authority; Appointed but not yet started in a work position16) NOT circumvention17)  One's trade, profession, or career18)  line, column19) NOT irritate


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