Grade 7 Unit 1 Crossword
Special Characters:
Down: 1)  cease-fire, armistice3) ceaseless, never-ending4) intimate, imply5) NOT dawdle8) NOT loss11)  prosaic, monotonous14)  regime, ruling house15)  A small, slow quantity of anything coming; To flow very slowly in a thin stream or in drops19)  A report of a person's educations, qualifications, and previous experience, typically sent when applying for a job Across: 2) savage, wicked6)  A slight and partial experience, knowledge, or taste of something to come in the future; anticipation7)  Of little importance or value9) recondition, fix up10)  To come down and settle, as after flight; Provided with light, lit up12)  To begin to grow or develop; To cause to come into existence13)  alongside, nearby16) disorder, upset17) query, question18)  Vast emptiness without life20)  In a bad mood; Gloomy and joyless


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