Grade 7 Unit 10 Crossword
Down: 1)  unsound, gloomy3)  excessive, extravagant4)  leech, freeloader5)  mockery, buffoonery8)  A secluded or hidden place, especially a secret retreat or base of operations; A hideout9) recipient, heir11)  Unfavorably known to the general public; Infamous12) NOT icy13) NOT put together14)  Lack of self-confidence or courage Across: 2) yell, holler4)  Treat with excessive indulgence; To spoil or cater to6)  Of no avail or effect; Useless; Hopeless7)  surfeit, overage10) exhausting, taxing15)  sidestep, duck16)  A rejection of law; To reject or refuse to allow17) NOT tidy18)  A disordered state, a mess; To fill or spread over in a disorderly manner19)  A clumsy or poor piece of work, a mess, a bungle; To ruin with clumsiness, to bungle


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