Grade 7 Unit 11 Crossword
Down: 2) enough, sufficient3)  entreat, beseech4) NOT bloom5)  To think about or ponder7) fireplace floor9)  petty offense, misdeed13)  Widely and unfavorably known; Notorious14) NOT ending15)  sign, badge18)  Loose or slack; Careless and negligent Across: 1)  Very large in size; Huge or enormous6)  A formal agreement between two groups; A covenant8)  draw, standstill10)  Neither entirely open nor entirely shut, partly open; Neither entirely open nor entirely shut, partly open11) vengeful, spiteful12)  A formal conversation in which two or more take part16) countless, too many to count17)  To damage or spoil to a certain extent; To make less perfect, attractive or useful19) tale, detailed report20) NOT order


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