Grade 7 Unit 13 Crossword
Down: 1)  dwindle, decrease2)  To regard with worshipful respect or honor4)  A state of extreme disturbance; Clamor or turmoil5)  Anything that covers or shrouds, especially with darkness or gloom; To become boring or wearisome, to tire or become dull8)  Appearance, especially the expression of the face; To approve, support or encourage9)  heroic tale, chronicle11)  To shift back and forth with uncertainty14)  sympathetic, motherly15)  light, set on fire Across: 3)  large, huge6)  To attract and delight; To cast a spell over or bewitch7)  To show submission or fear; To humble oneself10)  Very funny; Arousing great merriment12)  Importance, greatness or extent13)  let slip, blab16) manual art, handiwork17)  dull, boring18)  in order, consecutive19)  To promote the development or growth of, To nurture or bring up; In the same immediate family, but not related by birth20)  Well thought of; Having a good reputation; Well respected


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