Grade 7 Unit 2 Crossword
Down: 1) rule, administration2)  A widespread deadly disease, calamity, or evil; To pester or annoy constantly4)  A risk-taker who starts a business5)  Murder; The killing of a person9)  apathy, unconcern11)  Unhurt, intact, unimpaired, uninjured13) pepper, shower14)  discourage, talk out of16) NOT lacking17)  Normal or common for the current situation or society Across: 3) ready, self-confident5) venture, danger6)  offended, resentful7)  shared feeling by two people toward each other8)  To slow down, restrain, impede10)  hothead, rabble-rouser12)  crucial, vital15)  Easy to see through or understand18)  oil, grease19)  pamper, gratify


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