Grade 7 Unit 3 Crossword
Down: 1)  To take part in pleasure; To give in to a desire2) incite, prod4)  To reach a final or climactic stage5) unqualified, out-and-out7)  consisting of different diverse things, having multiple varied qualities9) stubborn, crabby11)  A slight or surface burn, a scorch; To burn slightly12)  To prove to be true with evidence; To confirm13)  perpendicular, virtuous14)  address, harangue17) buzz, do-nothing Across: 3)  meditate, agonize6)  A hand-operated machine for weaving fabrics; To come into view as a massive, distorted or indistinct image8)  component, factor10)  Very active, lively; Full of life; Moved to action11)  To be violently excited or agitated; To be excited or disturbed15)  A gentle glow or sparkle off a reflective surface16)  Able to read and write; Having knowledge or training18)  long for, want19)  Being the only one of its kind


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