Grade 7 Unit 3 Crossword
Down: 1)  To take part in pleasure; To give in to a desire2)  prod, incite4) terminate, conclude5)  out-and-out, total7)  assorted, mixed9)  Easily irritated or annoyed11)  scorch, sear12)  To prove to be true with evidence; To confirm13)  Good and honest; Vertical or straight, as in posture or position; In an upright position or direction, vertically posed14) NOT silence17)  bum, hum Across: 3)  The children in a family; To think about something that makes one unhappy6)  surface, emerge8)  Part or component of a recipe10)  Very active, lively; Full of life; Moved to action11)  churn, simmer15) NOT tarnish16) NOT unschooled18)  To desire strongly or persistently19)  distinctive, singular


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