Grade 7 Unit 3 Crossword
Down: 1) pamper, coddle2)  Something that encourages, urges or drives, a stimulus; To encourage or urge a person or animal to do something4)  conclude, terminate5)  out-and-out, unqualified7)  consisting of different diverse things, having multiple varied qualities9)  Easily irritated or annoyed11)  scorch, sear12)  validate, prove13)  Good and honest; Vertical or straight, as in posture or position; In an upright position or direction, vertically posed14)  An elaborate or formal public speech17)  An idle person who lives off of others, a loafer; To speak in a dull, flat tone Across: 3) agonize, worry6)  A hand-operated machine for weaving fabrics; To come into view as a massive, distorted or indistinct image8)  Part or component of a recipe10)  Very active, lively; Full of life; Moved to action11)  churn, stew15)  A gentle glow or sparkle off a reflective surface16)  Able to read and write; Having knowledge or training18)  To desire strongly or persistently19)  Being the only one of its kind


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