Grade 7 Unit 5 Crossword
Down: 1)  Someone running away from the law; Lasting only a short time, fleeting; Difficult to understand3) yarn, sketch5) mess with, monkey with6)  Obedient; Submissive; Ready to accept control or instruction7)  The state of not knowing something; Doubt8) terminal, farthest9) NOT unimportant12)  dazzling, brilliant13)  A heavy hammer; To injure by a rough beating, to bruise16)  Covered with ingrained dirt or soot; Dirty or filthy Across: 2)  diplomatic, skillful4) NOT surrender10)  Something that has the ability or capacity to come into being; Possible or capable of happening11)  false, phony14) errant, imperfect15)  strengthen, merge17)  Of, relating to or characteristic of the country or rustic farm areas18) faithless, capricious19)  To ask for or request seriously; To beg, implore, plead or beseech20)  bit, jot


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