Grade 8 Unit 10 Crossword
Down: 1)  seek, search out2)  belittle, scold3) agreement, conformity6)  Fear and apprehension; A state of alarm or dread8)  deplore, lament9)  To hold full attention of; To absorb completely11)  Showing or having skill, especially with hands13)  To become used to by frequent repetition or prolonged exposure15)  Physical strength or mental vigor; Liveliness Across: 4)  rude, blunt5)  exchange, swap7)  Having an agreeable or pleasing personality; Likeable; Sociable9)  necessitate, involve10)  looming, imminent12) irritate, annoy14) NOT congratulate15)  Being real or true; Genuine16) NOT stagnation17)  amusing, odd18)  To invent or think up; To concoct


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