Grade 8 Unit 12 Crossword
Down: 1)  nullify, revoke2) misconception, error3)  Lack of respect or seriousness when dealing with something serious; Frivolity6)  Roomy, large, spacious; Able to hold much8) be full, overflow9)  deception, ploy10)  principle, precept11)  Eating with greediness or in very large quantities; Ravenous12)  To give up power, as of monarchs and emperors, or duties and obligations; To resign13)  awkward, uncoordinated15)  A ban on trade with a foreign country; To ban trade with a foreign country18)  To ruin the surface or appearance of; To vandalize Across: 4) NOT make happy5)  Able to burn organic tissue by chemical reaction; Bitterly scathing and sarcastic7) NOT inessential9)  One who receives or is awarded something Receiving or capable of receiving14)  To give as an honor; To present as a gift16)  Easily managed or controlled; Able to be manipulated; Manageable17)  A beggar; Given to begging19)  expedition, campaign


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