Grade 8 Unit 4 Crossword
Special Characters:
Down: 1) NOT passionate2)  scrutinize, examine3)  trouble, haunt5)  A source of help in a difficult situation8)  cancel, invalidate9)  peninsula, horn11)  Excessively or elaborately decorated15)  reinforce, strengthen17) uneasiness, doubt Across: 2) NOT waterproof4)  assemble, round up6)  A small amount of something that remains after the main parts have been used, poured, or taken7)  Serious and respectable; Quiet and serious-minded10)  Not having any serious purpose or value; Carefree and silly12)  displace, eject13) susceptible, exposed14)  unimportant person, insignificancy16)  concerned, worried18)  aid, nurture19)  lament, regret


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