Grade 8 Unit 4 Crossword
Special Characters:
Down: 1) NOT passionate2) NOT browse3) haunt, trouble5)  an aid, a support8) invalidate, abolish9) bank, precipice11)  Excessively or elaborately decorated15) bulwark, strengthen17)  A sensation of doubt or misgiving; Uneasiness Across: 2)  Full of holes; Easily penetrated by water or air; Permeable4) convene, gather6)  remains, debris7)  Serious and dignified; Quiet or subdued in character or conduct10)  foolish, trivial12)  To remove; To drive out of position or place; To expel or eject13) NOT immune14)  A person or thing of no importance16) NOT relaxed18)  aid, support19)  To feel or express regret of disapproval


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