Grade 8 Unit 8 Crossword
Down: 1)  lean, skinny2)  Noticeable; Observable; Capable of being grasped3)  A person who searches through and collects items from discarded material or trash4)  Use, benefit, or advantage; To be of use, value or advantage, to help5)  profess, announce6)  Approaching different directions; Moving apart8)  hidden, enigmatic12)  Having or showing great intensity of feeling; Passionate14) NOT confirm17)  Absolute hatred; Malice or ill-will Across: 4)  To be adjacent; To touch or join at the edge or border; To neighbor7)  apparel, clothing9)  diligent, persistent10)  A close friend or companion11) access, impregnate13)  A period of time spent doing something; To restrict or limit an amount or allowance, to be frugal15)  Seemingly unaffected by pleasure or pain; Unemotional; Impassive16) irritate, vex18)  Something that weighs down or oppresses, a burden; To fall or plunge sharply19) representative, fill-in


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