Freshman Unit 8 Crossword
Down: 2)  Something that holds one back; A handicap3)  absurd, outrageous5)  shelter, refuge6)  revive, revitalize8)  A risky or dangerous undertaking; To expose to danger or risk12)  poise, certainty14)  incomparable, exceptional15)  To enlarge in all directions Across: 1)  insolent, snippy4)  infrequent, meager6)  Raging, uncontrollable; Extremely enthusiastic, fanatical7)  Waste, debris, garbage9)  An association organized to promote art, science or education; To establish, organize and set in operation, to begin10)  exemption, protection11)  A field of study; A kingdom13)  Fond of fighting; Quarrelsome15)  To diminish or become less16)  To compensate for; To make payment for17)  A central control panel for a mechanical or electronic system; To comfort, to give emotional support18)  An abnormal condition, state, or quality, an irregularity; To turn or twist out of shape


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