The Golden Goblet Chapter 5 & 6 Vocabulary Crossword
Down: 2) not noticeable3) done in secret6) to cut holes or grooves in7) contempt, scorn8) endless, going on forever9) to tease13) restless or short of temper14) loosely or awkwardly built18) to cut up of make imperfect19) a large stone coffin20) to draw back, flinch24) a slowing up or falling behind Across: 1) to ask about, investigate4) inclined to resist authority5) to strike with an open hand10) active at night11) cheerless, hopelessly, sad12) to show annoyance or indignation15) to injure one's self-respect16) an ornamental border17) mean, spiteful21) rough and unfinished22) vague, dim, gloomy23) having or showing hatred25) hardly noticeable26) white, translucent gypsum often carved into objects27) a temporary delay or rest


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