Floor Hockey Terms Crossword
Down: 1) When two teams are tied at the end of a game and the next team to score wins and ends the game2) AKA stick handling or puck handling. It is the ability to use both side of the black to move the puck3) Play that endangers. Examples are slashing, contact with the goalie, pushing, blocking with the body, or tripping.4) A penalty called when a player lifts the blade above the waist, winds up, or follows through when attempting an illegal shot (slap-shot)5) when a player shoots or passes with the bottom hand pushing the stick forward8) involves swinging the stick back followed by a "powerful" slapping of the puck and follow through which brings the stick high (illegal in PE floor hockey)11) given for roughing, high sticking, hooking or other misconduct fouls that are illegal. THe player charged will sit out of the game for a designated period of time (usually 2 minutes) Across: 6) the illegal use of the hockey stick to hook another player. This is a penalty.7) when a player uses a flicking motion to move the puck. The stick remains in contact with the floor. This is the best shot for speed and accuracy in floor hockey9) when a player shoots or passes with the bottom hand pulling the stick forward10) used at the beginning of the game after a score, and after each stoppage in play. Puck is dropped between 2 opponents. Object is to pull the back back to your side. 12) When players move or cross out of the designated areas assigned to their position13) scoring in floor hockey. Each is worth one point. It counts when a puck crosses the goal line. A puck kicked or hit by the hand into the goal is not a score14) using alternate taps of both sides of the blade to move the puck. Also known as dribbling and puck handling.15) getting the puck out of your zone to prevent your opponents from scoring


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