Oxford Aviation English Unit2 Crossword
Down: 1) how to find and correct faults in any algorithmic system3) how far you can see (horizontally) from a tower or cockpit of a plane4) a radio broadcast that can’t be understood6) the greatest height an aircraft can fly where visibility is not obstructed by clouds7) a reminder of the things you need to do or have for a particular job or activity8) a metal cover for an aircraft engine9) harm done to something or someone causing breakage or injury10) a book that gives instructions for operating a machine12) an assembly of parts of an aircraft containing rudder and elevator14) the furthest back edge of a moving wing or propeller blade16) goods or freight carried on an aircraft or other means of transportation19) the tools, machines, etc that you need to do a particular job or activity21) a continuous broadcast of recorded information for pilots traveling toward a destination airport22) important advice for pilots traveling to and from airports Across: 2) something dangerous that may cause accidents or problems5) a hatch, or small door,in a wing or fuselage that lets people get into an interior space 10) kit containing supplies and equipment needed for first aid11) an assembly that supports an aircraft so that it can travel on the ground13) how you calculate how to travel from one place to another15) the edge of a wing or propeller blade that first contacts an air mass17) a problem that prevents something from working properly18) leaving from a particular place 20) the tube-shaped body of an aircraft23) a tube that measures the speed of one fluid by registering how it compresses another fluid inside the tube24) to say that something is not allowed


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