Chorus Vocab Crossword
Down: 1) the volume of the music2) a vowel sound that can be broken into two sounds3) a “growing” of the music, at the end of a section or at the end of the piece4) clear pronunciation of all sounds5) the male voice part that lies between the Tenor and the Bass6) phrasing in which parts “question” and “answer” each other9) the highest male singing voice in a typical 4 part chorus13) the lower female singing voice (second highest) in a typical 4 part chorus14) gradually get louder16) the highest female singing voice in a typical 4 part chorus17) all voices singing the same pitches and rhythms19) the lowest male singing voice in a typical 4 part chorus Across: 7) musical phrases that sung alternately by two sections of the chorus8) musical form in which parts imitate each other and enter at different times10) clarity in the delivery of successive notes11) the speed of the music12) proper blending and all parts are heard equally15) gradually get softer18) when one person sings alone20) letters that are not vowels


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