Drama Terms Crossword
Down: 1) large unit plays are divided into3) the most beautiful and best English teacher in the whole wide world!4) notes included in a drama the describe how the play should be performed6) objects used by characters in a play7) person or animal that takes part in literary work8) the hero in a tragedy9) conversation between 2 or more characters11) a person who writes plays12) group of people who comment on the action of the play17) a literary work with a happy ending19) short speech delivered by a character to express his feelings to the audience Across: 2) point of highest intensity4) long speech made by a character who is alone on stage5) the written text of a play8) the main message or idea within a literary work9) contradiction between what the characters thinks and what we know to be true10) used to increase audience's interest13) weakness of the tragic hero14) a long speech made by a character in a play15) a literary work that arouses pity from a series of sad events16) tne environment of play18) the struggle between opposing forces20) smaller unit of a play within an act


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