European Eras Crossword
Down: 2) This Era was one of the strongest Empires in history. At its peak the government was a republic controlled by Senators, Consuls, Tribunes and an Emperor. 3) This era was marked by the growth of the Vikings in the North of Europe, a Muslim Empire in Asia minor and the Byzantine empire in Eastern Europe, with Christians from the Roman Empire remaining in Western Europe. Many conflicts and fights for power and control of the land occurred. 6) War declared by Christians against the Muslims over control of the holy land of Jersusalem. 7) The religious text of the Islamic Religion11) A city with a fortified hill at the center Across: 1) This era started with medieval towns and people living on manors. Conflict occurred between Christians and Muslims over control of the land. The Roman Catholic Church preserved some traditions of the Roman Empire during this time. Toward the end of this era society started to progress again and strong new monarchies started to form. 4) This Era was responsible for the beginning of democratic government. This era had city states which united the empire while it was strong. 5) the catholic church selling the pardoning of sins in exchange for money during the 1500s. 8) A strict social structure that includes lords and vassals. Land was provided by upper class to lower class in exchange for labor 9) the peace of rome10) This era had no ruling empire and many small separate towns and villages that were established throughout Europe. These villages were feudalistic towns. 12) Many advances were made in art, architecture and classical writing during this era. The Christian church split into Catholic and Protestant during this era. European countries began sending explorers to find new land including the Americas. 13) Government in which the citizens choose their leaders14) A city state


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