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"DG - FCE/IELTS - Word List 11 - Free time and Leisure - List 2"

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a theme park / amusement park (n.)
absorbed in (adj.)
adventurous (adj.)
all year round (adv.)
be more likely to (exp.)
breaking news (n.)
commercial advertising (n.)
episode (n.)
every so often (adv.)
for ages (adv.)
get accustomed to (v.)
have a whale of time (v.)
in favor of (exp.)
knitting (n.)
laziness (n.)
live broadcast (n.)
lost the habit (v.)
mass media (n.)
on a daily basis (adv.)
once in a blue moon (adv.)
online scams (n.)
pleasurable (adj.)
pottery (n.)
pursue a goal (v.)
regular (adj.)
roller coaster (n.)
routine (n.)
share a common interest (v.)
slot machine (n.)
take advantage of (v.)
to embark on (v.)
to mow the lawn (v.)
when it comes to (exp.)